The Beautiful Bleeding Heart

The Beautiful Bleeding HeartBotanical Name: Dicentra Spectabilis
Common Name: Bleeding Heart or Lady in the Bath 
This flower gets is name because it resembles a dripping heart.  If you turn the flower upside down and pull it open slightly, it looks like a “lady in the bath”. Its botanical name is from the Greek di (two) and “spectabilis” meaning it is spectacular.
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Originally from the orient, bleeding heart was introduced to Europe by botanist Robert Fortune in 1847.  This plant has stood the test of time, and is a great addition to a shade garden.  It blooms in spring with long, arching stems of deep pink and white flowers. Its green leaf foliage makes an attractive backdrop for other flowers.

My bleeding heart is on the north side of the house under the eaves.  It receives evening sun and is protected from direct rain but is in a flowerbed where the soil stays fairly moist. It seems to grow well in this location. I did notice this year the foliage turned yellow earlier which could have been due to the lack of rain in June.

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  • Seeding is not recommended because it takes too long for plants to reach maturity.
  • Plant in a shady area with moist soil.  Direct sun and dry soil will shorten its blooming period and cause the leaves to yellow.
  • Plant in spring.  The roots are brittle and must be handled carefully.  The bleeding heart should bloom the first year.