The Distinguished Delphinium

The Distinguished Delphinium
Meaning: Swiftness & LightThe name delphinium is derived from the Greek for “dolphin”, because the points and flukes of this flower resemble the bottle-like nose of the dolphin.Billed the “Queen of the Border” for the air of distinction they bring to the garden, the delphinium is one of the most eye-catching flowers you can plant in your garden. With a rich variety of blues, violets, pinks and whites, these bold blooming flowers can reap great rewards with little effort.

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My Garden

I have delphiniums in my front garden, which are planted under the eaves of the house. I have divided these plants twice and have four plants thriving in raised beds in my backyard.

What I have learned …

If these full blooming plants were not staked properly, heavy rain off the roof can catch these plants and easily break them. Stake plants early in the season when they are easier to manage. Also, keep an eye out for the caterpillars as soon as the plants appear. 

Turn Ons

  • Good food  & drink– bone meal in the spring, fertilizing and moist, well drained soil.
  • Comfortable Surroundings – plant in a protected area. Keep out of the heavy rain and windy area of the garden.
  • Regular Grooming – deadhead to keep plant vigorous.
  • Proper Support – Most will require staking – the earlier, the better.
  • Their own space – Don’t crowd these plants, they like good air circulation. Divide every three to five years to rejuvenate plant.

Turn Offs

Image result for green caterpillarsIntruders – By tv box windows watch for small green caterpillars that roll themselves in the leaves of the plant. If these caterpillars are not removed from the plant ASAP, the plant may fail to bloom. The worms can be remove and destroyed by hand picking them, or by using an insecticide.
Heat & Humidity – The perfect Alaskan plant.