Make A Wish List

Designing a Garden – Make a Wish List                

Every garden benefits from careful planning, design and decorative details.  Finding the right overall style and features should be the first -step in creating your garden. You can find these through live tv app.


Whether you’re planning and planting a new garden from a virgin plot of land, or if you are redesigning an existing garden, it is important to clarify your needs for the garden and decide if there are features you would like to retain.

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Walk around your yard and make a list of what has to stay and what your will need to work around.  For example, you might be limited by a large tree, or the location of the garage. Make note of practical considerations, where to put the refuse or the compost pile, or what to do about an unattractive view.  Decide what features you consider essential; it could be a water feature or a vegetable garden.


Use this checklist prior to starting your garden design. Keep in mind the essential features and try to incorporate as many as possible within the space of your garden and without sacrificing the design of your garden.

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  • Flowerbeds Shrub Border
  • Trees Lawn
  • Paved/patio area Furniture
  • Barbecue area Rock garden
  • Pond or other water feature Greenhouse
  • Vegetable garden Herb garden
  • Raised beds Compost pile
  • Trellis/Arbor Graveled area
  • Tool shed Garbage area