Putting Your Plan on Paper

Putting Your Garden Plan on Paper


After you have clarified the needs for your new garden design and decide on the features you would like to retain, the next step is to draw your garden to scale to test your ideas.


With a rough sketch from the garden drawn accurately to scale, the creative part of garden planning begins.  Draw the outline of the garden first, together with the position of the house and any other measurements before adding any other features.


Next, put in the elements of the garden that are fixed and you know will not change, such as boundaries, sidewalks, fences, trees, or the deck.

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Start drawing the features that you would like to incorporate into your garden design, such as rectangular flowerbeds, a pond, tool shed. Etc.


For creative inspiration, start looking through books and magazines to decide on a style of your garden, formal or informal, will the emphasis be on plants or hard landscaping? Do you want colorful flowers or texture and foliage?  Will your design include straight edges or curved flowing lines?


Start sketching several of the ideas that appeal to you. At this point, don’t worry about planning planting schemes or paving patterns and materials, concentrate on patterns and lines of the overall design.


When you have decided on your favorite sketch, than start thinking about details like paving, surface textures, and the position plants as focal points.