The Beautiful Trollius

The Beautiful Trollius
Common Name:
GlobeflowerThe genus name Trollius comes from the Swiss word ‘trollblume,’ meaning globeflower.This is one of my favorite perennials because of their wonderful yellow buttercup flowers in the spring. The hardy plant forms graceful loose flowers on single leggy stalks and is a slow grower and will stay where it was planted.
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Image result for TrolliusTips:Trollius needs moist, rich soil that will not dry out. You can add compost or peat moss when planting to retain water, or just remember to keep the plants well watered. They enjoy the sun but will need partial shade.  They can grow up to two feet tall. I usually prune the spent foliage to improve the appearance. The rest of the plant works well as a backdrop for later blooming plants in the bed.

In My Garden:

In my garden, I have two large Trollius along with Hostas in a raised planter in the driveway that receives little sun. I also have three plants in two moist, partially shaded beds in my backyard.  These plants have all been transplanted and have established themselves quite well in the new beds.

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