Vibrant Veronicas

Vibrant Veronicas

Veronicas or speedwells, are one of the most dependable, easy-care, long blooming perennials I have in my garden. Veronicas will give you blue-purple flower spikes along with their complimenting evergreen foliage.  The flower spikes are also available in red, pink and white. This is a no fuss flower.  Just give them moderate soil – not too wet or dry, sun or shade, and they will be happy.

My Garden

The colorful, upright spikes make for a striking combination in my garden. I have purple, pink & white veronica planted along my deck with pea shrubs as a backdrop.. For a variety of textures, try combining veronicas with ornamental grasses or rounded flowers like day lilies.

Image result for Vibrant VeronicasWhat I have learned …

If you are too generous with the nutrients, it could cause the spikes to flop. If this is the case, you might need to stake the veronica.  Be careful not to damage the root system by putting a stake in the soil.

General care …

In general, you usually don’t need to divide a veronica.  If you do divide, use a spade to slice through the center, deep enough to include as many roots as possible.

Its new neighbors will be a bed including lady’s mantle and lilies.

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